Years 7-9

Our Year 7-9 curriculum is diverse and challenging. It seeks to embed the skills, knowledge and understanding that learners need for GCSE while also remaining creative and engaging so that students enjoy their lessons and ultimately progress.

In Years 7-9, students complete their class work in an exercise book and their assessments in another designated exercise book. We complete two assessments per term focused on reading and writing skills to allow us to accurately track learners’ progress and ascertain where they need additional support or challenge.

So what do we study?

Year 7

  • Big Imagination;

  • Persuasive Writing;

  • Poetry Please!

  • Frankenstein Playscript;

  • Victorian Novel: Alice in Wonderland;

  • Fantasy Class Reader.

Year 8

  • Spooky Stories;

  • Globetrotting;

  • Shakespearean Comedy;

  • Dystopian Reader;

  • Victorian Novel: War of the Worlds;

  • Poetry from Around the World.

Year 9

  • Shakespearean Tragedy;

  • Victorian Novel: The Picture of Dorian Gray;

  • Gothic Class Reader;

  • Revolution Poetry;

  • Read All About It!

  • Big Imitation. 

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