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At De Aston, we are committed to improving learners' literacy as we recognise the importance of the three key skills of reading, writing and oracy as integral to succeeding in life as well as school.

All learners access literacy skills across the curriculum but they also have additional literacy one morning a fortnight in tutor time and all learners begin English lessons with active reading and writing starters. 

Below are a range of literacy booklets focused on the three skills mentioned above. Feel free to download and use to work on your key skills.

Reading Lists

Looking for wider reading suggestions? Look no on the reading lists below.

Literacy Booklets 1-6
Specific SPAG Booklet

Literacy Events

We celebrate and organise events to mark the following Literacy Days:

National Poetry Day
Fright Night - our internal competition!
Everybody Writes Day
Children's Book Week
Poetry Café - celebration of creative writing!
Storytelling Week
World Book Day
World Storytelling Day
World Poetry Day
Shakespeare's Birthday

Slam Jam - local poetry competition! 

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